Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews

Edgstar wine coolers have a reputation for being well made and are designed to store wine at the optimal temperature and optimal condition. One of the things that I really appreciate about these wine coolers is the addition of a carbon filter on all of the Edgestar units, even their lowest capacity cooler which is designed to hold 12 bottles of wine. I think these are a nice touch and make these coolers well worth the price if you're at all concerned about protecting your wine from odors that could lessen it's quality

Another thing about Edgestar wine coolers that I noticed while reading what others had to say and writing my reviews, is their ability to cool evenly. It seems that even cooling (or the lack of) seems to be one of the biggest complaints most people have about other wine coolers - but not here. Edgestar wine coolers don't skimp on power or design when it comes to their cooling systems, which means nice, even cooling all around. Check out my Edgestar wine cooler reviews below.

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