EdgeStar Built-In 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

A Single Zone Wine Cooler Perfect For Saving Space and Preserving Your Best Wines

Designing a bar can cause the stoutest restaurateur to pull out their hair. I found that out during the design and construction of a bar for an independent operator that wanted to maximize the space of a small area meant more for bar prep than for the operation of a full service bar. I had to decide how to pack all of the mandatory pieces of bar equipment within the small area and still give bartenders plenty of room to ply their craft.

Thank goodness for the EdgeStar built-in 18 bottle wine cooler.

Unlike freestanding units, under the counter wine coolers include a front vent that prevents the unit from overheating. The result is a wine cooler that can operate under a counter to save space, which was exactly what I needed to complete the bar design for the independent restaurateur. With the EdgeStar 18 bottle wine cooler measuring less than a foot wide, I placed the front-venting compressor-based cooling system under the bar top, within quick access for bartenders that needed to pour a glass of wine or chill a white wine varietal in an iced down wine bucket.

One of the things I like about this wine storage unit is that it is small enough to install in some of the most challenging places. I’ve heard of others installing it in place of a garbage disposal, in linen storage closets and even between two reach in coolers. One of the amazing things that I discovered about the unit concerns the lack of noise coming from the compressor. The quiet operation of this EdgeStar wine cooler defies the noisy reputation of most other compressor wine coolers.

Sleek Appearance, Functional Design

Many wine cooler designs go heavy on either aesthetics or functionality. It is rare to find a wine storage unit that combines a sleek appearance, with a functional design. The EdgeStar 18 bottle wine cooler’s design accomplishes the blending of aesthetics and functionality. EdgeStar finishes the built-in wine cooler with a restrained, yet elegant black matte that allowed me to experiment with placement of the unit. Stainless steel surrounds the door to create brilliant light reflection. Tempered glass that includes black dot tinting enhances the already appealing look of this built-in wine cooler. I took advantage of the left or right-hinging door configuration to move the 66-pound wine storage unit to different locations within the bar area.

edgstar 18 bottle wine coolerEdgeStar Built-In 18 Bottle Wine Cooler
PriceCheck Price
Dimensions34 1/4" H x 11 5/8" W x 22 5/8" D
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Temperature DisplayLED
Temperature Range 40 - 65
Tinted GlassYes
Door LockNo
Reversible DoorYes
Carbon FilterYes

The EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler Maintains Wine Integrity

I recommend the EdgeStar 18 bottle built-in wine cooler for wine lovers that worry about maintaining the integrity of their stock. Too many wine storage units do a poor job of protecting wine from harmful UV rays. The tinted glass blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays, which makes the 18 bottle EdgeStar wine cooler perfect for patio bars and bright, sunlit kitchen areas. EdgeStar also found the most effective tint that still allows busy hosts and hostesses to read labels quickly. Five full depth, slide-out wood-trimmed wire shelves provide plenty of room to organize several wine varietals.

With the front vent blowing out hot air, the EdgeStar built-in 18 bottle wine refrigerator ensures even cooling of wine between the temperatures of 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I typically recommend that wine aficionados use this storage unit for storing either white or red varietals. Touch controls ensure temperature accuracy, which EdgeStar makes clear, by installing a bright digital LED display. One of the unique benefits derived from the Edgestar wine color involves the elimination of harmful odors that spoil strong character wines with a carbon filter that acts a shield against foul odors.

Does the EdgeStar Built-In 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Have Any Limitations?

The EdgeStar 18 bottle wine cooler only comes with one temperature zone, which means I cannot store both reds and whites in the same cooler. However, because of its portability, this built-in wine cooler makes the perfect location to place a rack on top of the unit and fill the rack with red wine bottles. The single temperature zone is the only feature that possibly detracts from the performance of the EdgeStar built-in 18 bottle wine Cooler. Uniform cooling, efficient use of space, and the preservation of wine quality makes this wine storage unit a can’t miss piece of bar equipment.

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