Edgestar 36 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Restaurant Quality Wine Storage for the Home Aficionado

I’ve operated restaurants for years, mostly small, intimate venues that provided guests with upscale food and ambiance, without the haughtiness displayed by servers that make guests feel like they had just walked into the Beverly Hills Ritz Carlton. Our wine storage areas seemed more like something that you find in a home. I stored the reds in a dank basement hoping the cool air that permeated the space kept the wines properly chilled. The whites I stored in reach-in coolers, you know, the ones that also stock beer, cold-served liqueurs, and several garnishes.

I stopped storing my wine that way when I found out about the EdgeStar dual zone french-door wine cooler that holds up to 36 standard 750-milliter wine bottles in two separate compartments. I could store reds on one side and whites on the other side. The service team I worked with loved the quick access the EdgeStar 36 bottle wine cooler provided them. Instead of clamoring through a crowded basement in search of the latest fashionable Pinot Noir, I had the wine within grasp of the bartenders.

It All Starts with the Design of the 36-Bottle EdgeStar Wine Cooler

I like to watch my guests walk by the dual-zone EdgeStar wine refrigerator and stop to stare at the beautifully, but not gaudily designed wine storage unit. The contemporary design of the wine refrigerator includes elegantly designed French doors that accentuate the d├ęcor around the bar. Sleek tempered glass and stainless steel trim make this model a hit not only with restaurant owners like me, but also with consumers that throw frequent dinner parties. Tinted tempered glass reflects light to create a glowing hue that accentuates other design features in a bar or at home around the dining room.

I’ve come across a few dual-zone wine refrigerators that have disjointed appearances. The spacing and positions of the shelving on each side of the unit did not match. This French door dual-zone storage unit from possesses slide out stainless steel trimmed wooden shelves that not only present a balanced appearance, but also make it easy for me to place and retrieve bottles, even if both sides have shelves pulled out. EdgeStar made sure that convenience plays a huge role in the design of the 36-bottle wine refrigerator. Front ventilation flow allows me to place the wine refrigerator under a cabinet or in a high traffic area as a freestanding unit.

Edgestar 36 bottle wine cooler36-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Dual-Zone French-Door Wine Refrigerator
PriceCheck Price
Dimensions34" H x 23.5" W x 24.5" D
Capacity36 Bottles
Installation TypeBuilt-In
Temperature DisplayLED
Temperature Range 40 - 65
Tinted GlassNo
Door LockYes
Reversible DoorNo
Carbon FilterYes

Features that Ensure an Enjoyable Wine Drinking Experience

They say that looks aren’t everything and that is the case with the EdgeStar 36 bottle wine cooler. I never have to worry about uneven chilling of both red and white wines. Powerful circulation fans evenly distribute cool air that ranges from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit throughout both sides of the unit. Each zone operates on different temperature ranges to provide me with the capability to keep my most popular red and white selections within reach. Maintaining the whites and red at the optimal temperatures ensures that my guests enjoy higher quality tasting experiences from longer lasting wines.

It’s a win-win for both operators and guests, including the ones that attend private dinner parties. Accurate digital controls never waver in remaining at the correct set temperatures and all I have to do is monitor the digital display and make adjustments as needed. The tinted tempered glass comes into play again, as the thick glass prevents light from entering the unit and destroying the body and finish of red and white wines. EdgeStar includes a carbon filter that protects wines – especially red wine – from deteriorating due to the presence of harmful odors. Although I have the utmost trust in my service and culinary teams, the safety lock comes in handy for EdgeStar wine refrigerator owners that want to ensure product security.

Is the 36-Bottle EdgeStar French-Door Wine Cooler for Everybody?

This high performance wine storage unit stores several different types of wine varietals, making it the perfect storage unit for restaurant owners that sell a lot of wine by the glass and homeowners that have a wide range of taste in wines. Some people may find the wine storage unit a bit noisy, which should not be a problem for restaurateurs that operate in bustling venues. However, homeowners may be better off placing this dual-zone Edgestar 36 bottle wine cooler in the kitchen to minimize noise during intimate gathers.

After all, dinner party hosts can always show this gem to guests whenever one asks, “How did you get that bottle so fast.”

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