Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Is It Possible to Store Both Red and White Wines in the Same Cooler?

“This wine has no flavor.”

I’ve heard the declaration numerous times, since I first waited on tables back in the day when most servers referred to wines simply as “red” and “white.” The declaration still reverberates throughout restaurants because operators don’t understand the difference between storing wines in a refrigerator and wine cooler. Storing white wines in a much too cold refrigerator and red wines in a much too warm basement conceal the robust flavors that define the characteristics of the wines. What I found out early on is that wines need to lay ready for consumption in a wine cooler where temperature can be regulated. Is it possible to store both red and white wines in the same wine cooler? It appears EdgeStar 34 bottle dual zone wine cooler answers the question, with a resounding “yes”.

The EdgeStar 34 bottle freestanding dual zone wine cooler offers the ultimate wine storage unit. With the capability to store 34 wine bottles, at 750 milliliters per bottle, this wine cooler keeps red and white wines at optimal temperatures. The days of tepid wines served by unsuspecting servers and dinner hosts has ended, with the introduction of dual zone wine storage technology.

Dual Storage Wine Coolers Take Care of Temperature Issues

The Edgestar dual zone wine cooler keeps both red and white wines stored at the correct temperatures. When I hear the word “flabby,” I close my eyes and envision a swimmer that has too much skin hanging over the front and back of their swimming suit. For wines, flabby means the wines have lost all character, from tepid flavors to no body. EdgeStar designed this wine cooler to maintain the integrity of red and white wines. The result is better tasting wines that produce longer lasting finishes.

I like the way EdgeStar has organized the two temperature zones. The top temperature zone ranges between 41 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit, which represents the perfect temperature range for white varietals and red varietals, such as Merlot and Pinot Noir. The lower temperature zone keeps wines between 54 and 64 degrees. I never have to worry about hot areas within either of the two zones or uneven cooling, since the robust circulation fans ensure an even distribution of air in each zone. The EdgeStar 34 bottle dual zone wine cooler allows me to access any varietal within seconds, as opposed to leaving the bar (and my guests) to retrieve a red wine bottle from the basement or a white wine bottle from a cooling unit located in the kitchen.

Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine CoolerEdgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler
PriceCheck Price
Dimensions33 1/8" H x 19 7/16" W x 23 1/16" D
Capacity34 Bottles
Installation TypeFreestanding
Temperature DisplayLED
Temperature Range 41 - 64
Tinted GlassYes
Door LockYes
Reversible DoorNo
Carbon FilterYes

Designed for Every Type on Décor

EdgeStar designed this dual zone wine cooler to blend seamlessly with virtually every type of interior décor. In my opinion, this particular model can stand out in a conservatively designed room or act as a complementary design player in a flashier room. Sleek stainless steel used to construct the door and black exterior panels exude a refreshing cool ambiance that looks both hip and understated. LED lighting ensures my wine presentation attracts the attention of my restaurant guests, as well as the guests that I invite to my home for a dinner party.

EdgeStar has always made wine the star of the company’s wine cooler selection and perhaps the 34 bottle free standing dual zone wine cooler does the best job of an impressive line of wine storage units. The reversible door hinge adds a design element not seen from any other wine cooler manufacturer, as I can hinge the door on the left or right side to increase my placement options.

A New and Improved Compressor Addresses Longevity Issues

EdgeStar had to address longevity issues with the 34 bottle dual zone wine cooler immediately after the initial product launch. What was once a liability is now one of the prominent features of the free standing wine storage unit. The compressor that helps move air throughout both temperature zones has evolved to give the EdgeStar dual zone wine cooler one of the longest product lives of any model on the market. At 94 pounds, the EdgeStar 34 bottle free standing dual zone wine cooler typically requires more than one person to move. However, I find the weight of this model to be an asset, as it gives me a second opinion on where I should move the unit.