Danby 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

A Wine Cooler That Fits and Goes…Just About Anywhere

My first experience with a Danby wine cooler unit came right after I finished building a wet bar adjacent to the entertainment room. I had all of the usual suspects behind the bar, such as two rails for liquor and a slide door cooler that stocked beer and juices. However, the slide door cooler was not tall or deep enough to fit a few bottles of wine. That is when I added the Danby cooler for storing open and unopened bottles of white wine and some red varietals.

After about a year, I noticed a sleek Danby wine cooler that just hit the market. The Danby DW62OPL-SC 6 bottle wine cooler possessed all the characteristics of previous cooler and refrigerator renditions manufactured by Danby. Yet, the 6 bottle Danby wine cooler presented a more urbane appearance that accentuated the design theme that I wanted for the now well broken in wet bar. The platinum exterior sparkled under the bright overhanging lights and the effect has always impressed my guests.

Danby DWC62OPL-SC Wine Cooler Features

The clearly visible digital LED thermostat provides consistently accurate temperature readings, which ensures that both red and white retain robust flavors and invigorating finishes. I have the capability to program the thermostat between 39 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit. I know the two temperature extremes do not work with wine, but that’s what makes the Danby 6 bottle wine cooler even more appealing. Let’s say I’m throwing a large dinner party and I need more space for holding cold foods to serve as appetizers. I can remove wine from the cooler and store the extra food in the Danby 6 bottle unit. The wine bottles stay temporarily in a secondary refrigerator.

Many wine coolers include shelving that can be very difficult to pull out or cradle wine bottles too tightly. The Danby Platinum wine cooler includes sculpted chrome wire shelves that secure the bottles, without requiring a Herculean effort to extract the bottles from the wine cooler. Danby has developed semi-conductor technology that ensures a very quiet motor, which means my guests and I do not have to shout over annoying motor din. The refined operation of the motor prevents the types of vibrations experienced with other types of wine coolers. No vibrations means my wine never shakes around in the cooler, an especially important characteristic for wines that contain sediment.

Danby DWC620PL-SC 6 Bottle Wine CoolerDanby DWC620PL-SC 6 Bottle Wine Cooler
PriceCheck Price
Dimensions17" H x 11" W x 22" D
Capacity6 Bottles
Installation TypeCountertop
ShelvingChrome Wire
Temperature DisplayLED
Temperature Range 39.2F - 71.6F
Tinted GlassYes
Door LockNo
Reversible DoorNo
Carbon FilterNo

Flexibility to Go Anywhere

At 27 pounds, the Danby DWC62OPL-SC 6 bottle wine cooler represents one of the lightest wine refrigeration units on the market. The small dimensions and lightweight platinum design provide me with the flexibility to place the Danby 6 bottle wine cooler anywhere in the house. In fact, after enjoying a glass of wine in the downstairs entertainment room, I often invite guests upstairs to relax in the living room. Instead of making several trips downstairs to retrieve more wine, I simply carry the unit up a short flight of stairs and plug it into a living room electrical outlet. I have also brought the unit-replete with six bottles of my favorite wine to dinner and cocktail parties.

The convenience of the Danby platinum wine cooler extends to the innovative design. A clear glass door prevents me from hand searching for wine bottles. I clearly read the labels and retrieve the wine that I want to enjoy. An interior light also helps me quickly access my favorite Pinto Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. The platinum countertop allows me to store back up wine or place something that enhances the room décor, such as a vase. I’ve been known to place my mini stereo on top of the Danby 6 bottle wine cooler to enjoy a night of good music.

The Verdict for the Danby 6 Bottle Platinum Wine Cooler

Minimal space, easy to transport, and smooth sliding shelves only touch the tip of the iceberg on the greatness of the Danby platinum wine cooler. The sleek design enhances room décor and the accurate cooling system ensures my wine always retains its original freshness. Before I bought the Danby DWC62OPL Wine Cooler, I was concerned product longevity. I read a few online reviews that discussed maintenance problems only a short time after purchase. The consistently strong performance of the Danby 6 bottle wine cooler has erased any doubt in my mind.

The wine cooler has never failed to deliver the Danby high performance promise.

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