Avanti 160 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

A Wine Cooler for Serious Wine Enthusiasts

Avanti  160 Bottle Free-Standing Wine CoolerThe Avanti WCR682SS-2 160 bottle wine cooler resembles its predecessor, the WC681BG, with a few new twists that make this latest Avanti creation one of the best performing wine coolers for its capacity on the market. One of the changes that should appeal to consumers is that this free standing wine cooler places a high priority on ensuring seamless interior décor compatibility.

The design of this unit is that this wine cooler can be placed in a variety of rooms or settings because it does such a great job of blending in with varied room designs. It features a sleek black cabinet that connects to a stainless steel frame door that is sure to attract the attention of your dinner and cocktail party guests.

Yet, the design of the 160 bottle capacity Avanti wine chiller only scratches the surface on why I love this wine bottle storage unit.

Avanti 160 Bottle Wine Cooler Features Overview





Capacity: 160 standard 750ml bottles

  • Black cabinet with stainless steel trim and wooden shelving for an upscale look and feel.
  • Features a tempered double-glass paneled door with UV tinting to protect your wine collection from harmful rays and changes in ambient temperature.
  • Single zone cooling with dedicated areas for red, white and sparkling wines – this unit incorporates lights to show you where to store each type.
  • Soft interior perimeter lighting puts your collection on display and makes finding the bottle you want a snap.
  • Features a charcoal filtration system designed to keep your wine cabinet odor-free for and maintain your wine at optimal quality.
  • Features a door lock to keep wine safe from curious guests.

Cooling method: Compressor

Number of zones: 1

Built-in/Freestanding: Freestanding floor unit.

Temperature Control & Display:
Digital controls with LED display
40F – 65F

Shelving: Features wood shelving that is designed to store up to 60 Burgundy bottles and 100 standard 750ml bottles.

Noise level: medium

Dimensions: 71” H X 23.5” W X 28.75” D (27.7 cubic feet)

Weight: 221lbs

Warranty: 1 year warranty, limited 2-5 year warranty

Avanti 160 Bottle Wine Cooler Detailed Review

Digital Technology Keeps You in Control

It gets a little tiresome to set temperatures on wine coolers that operate by the turning of knobs. Even with calibrated numbers in front of me, I don’t have the precise manual adjustment skills to ensure my wine chills at the optimal temperature. Avanti will release you from your manual temperature setting responsibilities by integrating a digitized temperature control system for the WCR682SS-2 free standing wine cooler.

The digital temperature display moves up and down by the push of a small button. You no longer have to guess that the Pinto Grigio you pour before dinner has chilled to the recommended temperature. The bright interior light and brilliant digital display do the perfect job of keeping you on top on your wine bottle inventory.

One of the Largest Wine Coolers Available

Some wine aficionados might think that a wine cooler that stores 160 bottles is a tad much for the average wine enthusiast. I beg to differ, as several Chardonnay and other varietals require time to ease into maturation. Red wines such as Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon require months, if not years to reach optimal flavor appeal.

The 160 bottle Avanti wine cooler, with stainless steel frame door, allows wine collectors to store varietals that require aging. You can simply place the wines that need time to mature at the bottom of the Avanti 160 Bottle wine cooler and keep ready to drink wines in plain sight. Instead of storing young wine on the shelves located in cool basements (and forgetting about the wines), the WCR682SS-2 wine cooler greets you the first thing every morning.

The Avanti 160 bottle free standing wine cooler can also make organizing your wine collection much easier. Although slightly tinted, the stainless steel frame door opens to unveil a well-lit collection of your favorite wines. Adjustable wine storage shelves means you can store wine bottles of any size. The wooden racks move effortlessly, which means you never have to force wine bottles into place. Avanti uses ball bearing rollers to ensure smooth operation of the wine storage shelves.

Placement & Installation

One of the best things about the Avanti 160 bottle wine cooler is that it is a freestanding unit, which means you won't have to worry about how much cabinetry you'll have to build around it during installation. For as large a unit as it is, the Avanti WCR682SS-2 is relatively simple to set up. Once you've placed it your desired location, set up is literally a matter of plugging it in and setting the temperature.

As far as where to place this wine cooler goes, a lot of those who have purchased this unit have mentioned placing it in the garage. Considering that it does run on a compressor, ambient temperature isn't a huge factor, so placement in a garage or basement shouldn't have much of an impact on the interior temperature of the unit.

However, with the wooden shelves and ambient interior lighting - why hide the Avanti 160 bottle wine cooler in your garage when you can put your wine collection on display in literally any room of your house? I could see unit making a beautiful addition to a great room, dining room, game room or kitchen if you have the extra space.

What Others Are Saying About the Avanti WCR682SS-2 160 Bottle Wine Cooler


  • Freestanding installation makes for easy set up despite being a larger storage unit.
  • Features a lock to keep wine safe from prying eyes and curious fingers.
  • Charcoal filter plus capacity makes this a good unit for aging wines.


  • Larger and longer bottles such as champagne and riesling may be difficult to fit into the unit.
  • Lights only light up top row and in such a large unit, may not filter to the bottom.
  • Wooden shelves look nice, but have a tendency to sag when loaded to capacity.


Alternate wine bottles front to back when placing them in the rack for storage to make the most of the this unit's capacity.

Who Benefits the Most from the Avant 166 Bottle Wine Cooler?

As some consumers note, the Avanti WCR682SS-2 166 does have its limitations. For instance, you can only store all 160 bottles at one temperature, which makes it difficult to store a wide variety of white and red wines that require varied storage temperatures. This free standing Avanti wine cooler works best for restaurateurs and consumers that possess large wine bottle inventories.

In summary, the 160 bottle wine cooler from Avanti is ideal for serious wine enthusiasts that know how to rotate wine bottles to prevent body and flavor deterioration.