Avanti 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Compact Wine Storage For Everyday Wines

The primary difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator comes down to the monthly electric bill. I used to store my favorite white wines, along with a few Merlot and Pinto Noir vintages, inside of a secondary refrigerator located in the basement. The secondary refrigerator caused my electric bill to skyrocket, although at the time, I just thought the utility company had made its annual “adjustment” for energy surcharges. That was, until I switched over to using a more energy efficient thermoelectric unit.

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine CoolerThe Avanti 16 bottle black wine cooler is a compact wine storage unit that uses thermoelectric cooling rather than a compressor to keep wines at the optimal temperature. Unlike a refrigerator, this compact wine storage unit doesn’t need freon or operate on a compressor. This means the wine storage unit tends to run a bit more efficiently, and quietly, when placed in a temperature controlled ambient environment. By storing the varietals demanded most by your guests inside of the Avanti EWC 1601B wine cooler, you may achieve a more cost effective way of keeping and serving your favorite wines at home.

Avanti 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Features Overview





Capacity: 16 standard 750ml bottles


  • Black cabinet with black trim
  • Features a mirrored glass reversible glass door
  • Soft interior LED light shows off your wine collection

Cooling Method: Thermoelectric – this means that the unit can reach an internal temperature that is ~25F lower than the ambient temperature of your environment.

Number of Zones: 1
Built-in/Freestanding: Freestanding counter-top unit that is ideal for a wet bar.
Temperature Control & Display:
Manual dial without temperature display
51F – 62F

Shelving: Chrome plated wire shelving
Noise Level: low
Dimensions: 20.25″ H x 17″ W x 19″D (~3 cubic feet)

Weight: 27lbs

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty on parts and repair

Avanti 16 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Detailed Review

Thermoelectric Technology Preserves Wine Quality

When I heard about thermoelectric technology, my first impression was to refer to an Albert Einstein lecture. Although the term appears intimidating, all I need to know about the technology is that is ensures the even distribution of cool air within the your wine storage unit.

For storage, each level holds four, 750-milliliter bottles of wine. While the compact size of the Avanti EWC1601B reversible glass door goes a long way towards ensuring each wine bottle remains chilled at the correct temperature, the unique cutting edge thermoelectric technology spreads the cool air evenly over each wine bottle. You won’t have to worry about serving wines that have deteriorated in quality due to rapid increases or decreases in the wine cooler’s temperature.

The Avanti 16 bottle black freestanding wine cooler not only works well in a restaurant setting, it also makes the perfect wine storage unit for home use. Since thermoelectric technology does not require a compressor, the Avanti reversible glass door 16 bottle wine cooler barely produces any noise. When chatting with dinner guests, you won’t have to raise your voice as this wine storage unit hums softly in the background.

Stylish Design for Any Type of Interior Décor

The freestanding Avanti 16 bottle wine cooler is an interior designer’s best friend. Deep black side panels allow you to place this model in any room within in your home or anywhere inside of your restaurant. This lightweight wine storage unit could easily be places inside a lobby or butler’s pantry, where guests immediately see the wines by the glass on offer for the evening. The Avanti EWC1601B includes a soft interior light that subtly promotes the display, without creating an obnoxious glare. Avanti uses Thermopane glass for the reversible door, which gives you the flexibility to position the 16 bottle black wine cooler on both the left and right side of the service bartender for quick wine by the glass access.

Placement & Installation

This 16 bottle freestanding wine cooler is designed for countertop installation. It's 4 bottle-wide foot print does mean that you will need some room for this unit - while it is compact, it will take up space on your counter. So if counter space is at a premium, we recommend either a slimmer, more compact unit like the Haier 8 bottle wine cooler, or one that sits on the floor.

What Others Are Saying


  • Thermoelectric cooling keeps wine sediment from moving.
  • Nice starter unit at an economical price.
  • Compact – good for small spaces.
  • Less draining on your energy bill than a compressor unit.


  • Small - does not accommodate the odd sized bottle.
  • Some reviewers have complained that this unit has a short lifespan, but this could also be due to how well you care for the unit.
  • Compact – good for small spaces.


We recommend this cooler for storing red wines as many of the white wines such as Rieslings and Moscato come in bottles that are quite a bit taller than your standard 750 wine bottle and will not fit in this cooler. That being said, the thermoelectric technology ensures a vibration-free environment that won't disturb red wine sediment.

Perfect for Consumers on Tight Budgets

Most wine lovers don’t need a large wine cooler to store wines. Store a few bottles of white wines and I’m usually good to go. However, restaurateurs that enjoy a bustling wine by the glass business from an extensive selection of wines might not find the Avanti EWC 1610B 16 bottle wine cooler large enough to handle the booming wine by the glass business. Storage capacity aside, the 16 bottle wine cooler from Avanti allows you to select the optimal temperature for white and red wines, such as Merlot and Pinot Noir, without having to drain every last penny out of your bank account.