Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler Review

Sleek and Sexy Wine Storage that Takes Center Stage

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201The Avanti Counter Top Wine Cooler looks like no other wine cooler on the market. I invariably come across wine coolers constructed in a rectangular style, ostensibly to allow restaurateurs and party hosts like myself to place the wine cooler neatly in a corner of a room or bar. Avanti shakes up the design motif, with the creation of a concave glass door that opens the 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler.

The sleek design works great in upscale lounges, as well as at the back of a home wet bar. Avanti created the black cabinet with platinum finish accents to exude luxurious style, without going over the top. Avanti added another distinct design element that separates the Counter Top Wine Cooler from the rest of the pack.

Avanti 12 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler Features Overview





Capacity: 12 standard 750ml bottles


  • Features a black cabinet with platinum trim and embellishments and a black interior.
  • Curved, tinted glass door with recessed handle adds a sleek, modern touch.
  • The interior is designed to hold up to 12 standard 750ml bottles OR 8 750ml Burgundy bottles (in the horizontal position) and 4 standard bottles.
  • Also features a soft interior light that switches off automatically after 10 minutes. Controls are located on the outside of the unit.

Cooling Method: Thermoelectric – this means that the unit can reach an internal temperature that is ~25F lower than the ambient temperature of your environment.
Number of Zones: 1
Built-in/Freestanding: Freestanding floor unit with leveling legs for optimal placement.
Temperature Control & Display:
Digital controls with LED display
47F – 64F
Shelving: Chrome plated wire shelving
Noise Level: low – medium
Dimensions: 25.25″ H x 10″ W x 20.25″ D (~3 cubic feet)
Weight: 27lbs

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty on parts and repair

Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler Detailed Review

Dual Storage Bins Not Based on Temperature Differences

Every dual zone wine cooler that I have found divides the two zones by temperature. Avanti has developed an innovative way to divide the 12 bottles that store inside of the this freestanding wine cooler. One storage area allows me to set wine bottles down horizontally, which represents the traditional way to store wine. The second storage bin keeps wine bottle upright vertically.
White wines that undergo a secondary fermentation do much better standing upright to force sediment to the bottom of the bottle. The Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler also includes a compressor that does not cause the unit to vibrate. Lack of vibration ensures sediment remains at the bottom of white and red wine bottles.

With only a 12-bottle capacity, the one question I hear most often from other reviewers concerns the storage location of red wine bottles. The answer lies in the temperature settings of the Avanti thermoelectric wine cooler. By setting the temperature to between 56F-57F and storing red wines in the upper rack and whites on the bottom, you can achieve an almost dual zone cooling effect without the hefty price tag. A real bonus for the casual wine drinker.

Even better, this freestanding wine cooler remains steady on its feet, as company designers make sure the four feet are set to calibrate to identical measurements.

Thermoelectric Cooling Sets the Standard for Wine Quality

White wines served too cold or too warm lose their inherent character. An overly warm Pinto Grigio loses its zesty acidic finish, while an overly cold chardonnay masks the myriad flavor profiles that can include oak, butter, and pineapple.

Avanti has discovered that thermoelectric cooling ensures the optimal storage temperature for white wines. The compact compressor evenly distributes air throughout both storage compartments. Soft touch digital controls and clear displays alert me to whenever the Avanti counter top wine cooler has left its recommended temperature range. The thick insulated door glass and exterior materials mean the wine inside of the 12 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler remain insulated from harsh outside temperatures.

Does the Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler Have Any Weaknesses?

If the Avanti 12 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler has to answer the “Do you have any weaknesses” question, the answer would center on the low storage capacity. Twelve bottles may not be enough for serious wine collectors seeking to buy their favorite varietals in bulk and put them away to age. However, for the casual wine drinker who purchases to consume, the lightweight Avanti counter top wine cooler represents the perfect choice for a wet bar or centerpiece in the dining room or butler’s pantry.

What Others Are Saying

The sleek Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler provides more than enough space to stock both white and red wines for dinner parties. But the real question is whether this unit’s low storage capacity makes it a practical investment for the everyday wine lover. Here are some of the rants and raves we unearthed about this product:


  • No vibration, which means wine sediment is not disturbed.
  • Designed to hold up to 8 burgundy bottles + 4 standard bottles (or 12 standard bottles). A nice feature that most units this small don’t offer.
  • Can store up to 4 opened bottles in an upright position. Perfect for those who like to savor their wines and for storing certain white wine varietals.
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Interior temperature dependent on ambient temperature because of thermoelectric cooling. Basically, don’t store this unit where it gets too hot or where you might have high variations in temperature.
  • Built for wines with the intention of consuming them. For aging wine, there are better units on the market.

The Perfect Temperature at a Moment's Notice

In all, this is a good unit if you purchase wine to consume on a regular basis and are not looking to age your wine. This also makes a great purchase if you have a larger unit used for aging wine, but are looking for something smaller and more economical for keeping a few chilled bottles on hand and ready to serve at a moment’s notice.